Engaging in public school service program, SDN Sukadami 02 

One of the most valuable facilities around the region, SDN Sukadami 02 is one of the many public schools around the Bekasi region that relies heavily on volunteers and donations. Me and my friends along with fellow teachers from Sekolah Pelita Harapan International Lippo Cikarang went there to help provide their needs. We teach, play and renovate it.
Being there the moment I arrived, my friends and I were welcomed by the students there along with several teachers and parents. We prepared many activities to play  and educate the students too. It was a wonderful experience to see students from a different level of society playing along with each other. There were several groups which were divided using house program that had to do different tasks. I was assigned to teach students how to read and also take photos of every wonderful moment I see. Using my advanced DSLR, students who were there were impressed by the ability for the photo to come out instantly on the display, they were used to taking photos and then use chemical printing to publish it and to see those photos. It was a great day for me to learn a whole new perspective of Indonesia.
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Lack of Care

The moment I saw the SDN Sukadami 02, I was sure that it is one the smallest public schools around the region. Other similar schools have at least two stories high or a wider area. The facility is as expected very limited and there are only about three or four classrooms in total. Beyond that the structure of the campus shows lack of maintenance and care. Heaven rain would cause the roof to leak through the classroom. I immediately felt the need of a major attention of support before it was too late.
Therefore, SPH (Sekolah Pelita Harapan) decided to participate in preparing the school for better accommodations. By donating book shelfs, volunteering in teaching and working with several organizations to provide free medical treatment, their students and their parents will gain annual support from our school. We do this consistently because we care about the society around us and we believe that by simply helping them continuously, it may bring better hope. 
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adminHelping Hand to SDN Sukadami 02