It is one of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia known to have and preserve its historic dignity. Yogyakarta is a growing city that I visited in 2013 with my classmates. To further understand their culture and tradition, we visited mini theaters, companies that makes one-of-a-kind pottery in the world and the lively Maliboro street. My classmates and I will remember deeply the experience that we had in visiting those culturally significant places. 

Candi Borobudur, The Largest Buddhist Temple on Earth

The temple of Borobudur which was built in the 8th century AD and it is considered to be the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Catching the eye of thousands around the world to visit this magnificent structure. With over 500 stupas built on the temple, this massive structure symbolizes the ingenuity of humans. Despite lacking modern tools and machines, the designer, Gunadharma, along with other Buddhist construction workers built this lotus shaped temple from the ground up. The structure is so strong until it managed to survive volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that occurred throughout the time.
Looking at this massive temple makes me look small and I am sure it will make others feel the same. From afar, the first thing that tourists will notice is how vast and tall the temple is. Even the stairs are very steep because they believe it will dawdle people who walk through it, preventing them from rushing and for the worshipers, it brings peace to meditate.

A couple of other unique features is the design of the stupas that are found within the temple. The stupa’s unique shape is inspired by a nearby local tree. The leaf of the tree, when folded, will form the shape of a stupa. The tree is considered holy by many as this inspires the designer of this temple. This also shows the designers process of building the Borobudur temple as it prefers to to work harmoniously with the surrounding nature.
Amongst the very carefully carved walls of the Borodbudur temple are the many thousand reliefs that tells the story of people living in their daily basis. These reliefs are one of the many mysteries that lie upon the giant structure and yet it is still to be unconvered by archeologists. Not everything carved on the stones can be understood as it may be a little bit crippled as it was abandoned for eight centuries. Some of the statues that lie peacfully are also crippled, 250 of these statues are incomplete.

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