Living in the United Kingdom

A New Beginning

After an unusual thirteen hour flight, I landed in Heathrow International Airport in London. It marks the first moment I touched European ground. Beyond that, it is the first time in my life where my parents and the people I care are 7,500 miles away from I am. The second I entered my host family’s house, all I can think of are my home and my parents. I thought to myself, where are they? Where are those people that usually guide me and comfort me? 
Few weeks before I left, my parents suggested that I should get used to with being independent as it will allow me to easily adapt the new environment. They wanted me to spend more time outside as it would allow my to be more alert when I am around. However, I did not take their advice seriously. All I thought was that since I only have a few weeks left, I should be as lazy as never before so that I take more advantage of them for the last time. It was a terrible decision now that I am here. 

A New Home, A New Hope

It’s called Bridge House (right), named after the owners brother and father. I am currently living with three other housemates and two of my host mother’s sons. They are all very friendly and they seem to have no problem with accepting the things that we currently have. Living in her house is not a problem for me. From the outside, her house looks small. But when we go in and realize that there are three floors with a beautiful kitchen and dining room, we can tell that it is better than it looks. Besides that, my roommate, Andy, is very easy going and is easy to discuss with when we need to make an agreement. Also, the food is awesome. 
Sharing a room with Andy, he likes to play games using his iPad mini. If he is not eating, he’s playing. He is not as organized as I am but that makes sense and I do not expect too much from that. Anyway, everything works well, so far. There are a few problems with the shower and the toilet, but those are nothing major. 
I really hope that I can make these friends of mine as my temporary family. Even though its been a rough month for me because I am still getting used to the environment, adapting to the new weather in which is very cold and most importantly, the social life that is beyond vibrant compared to what I have at home. The society here is more open and free to different activities. At the same time, I know the boundaries and I would not be expecting myself to get into silly troubles just because of curiosity. 

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My Extended Family 

It feels new for me to somehow tell myself that they are now a part of my family or at least I am a part of theirs. My host family is incredibly supportive and flexible. Every night they serve one of the best meals in the world. Even though this is the United Kingdom, not the spice island like Indonesia, her food actually tastes great. Compared to some of the food that I ate in Indonesia, it is actually even better because there were various types from different places, it is surprisingly fun. One night, I even got to cook my own pizza where I chose my own preferred toppings on it. It was delicious and I feel very blessed to live with her for the next nine months. 
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