EF Welcome Party

It was a fun and vibrant night to welcome first year students in Torquay. By inviting a DJ and by preparing a dancing floor, the first and second year students had a really great time. Personally, it was a memorable event that got me used to the English lifestyle. This great welcoming feeling of tolerance that I felt during the event allowed me to enjoy the night.
We celebrated on a restaurant called Living Coasts. The place was beautifully placed right at the edge of the city so that we can see the amazing infinite horizon of the English Riviera and also the beautiful Imperial Hotel in which the famous author Agatha Christie based one of her books on. 
The first students loved it and they had a lot of fun. We also got home using taxi’s in that the school payed for, so its free. As the sun goes down, we were able to see the sunset on the West side of the town. It is also beautiful at night as we were able to see the stars and the moon glowing upon us. It was an amazing night for me.  

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