Life in the EF Academy Torquay

It’s different.

A whole new world and with am entirely new perspective to look at. The EF student life in Torquay is very different from the life that I used to have back in my home state. The vibrant life of Torquay during the summer and autumn welcomes the first year students gently. The weather is perfect during those periods and the people are at their finest as more tourists visit Torquay. The school itself becomes a safe dome for students to study and conveniently learn their way to the future.
The school is located in Castle Road which is only less than five minutes away from Union Square and Union Street. These two are the main shopping centers in town. During most lunch times, the students are allowed to leave the school area and eat outside. It is very relaxing and lunch begins at 1 PM and ends at 2. Overall, the people there are very friendly and simple things such as opening a door for someone is really appreciated throughout the place.