I am Trevin Wisaksana

My passion lies on creating new things, to innovate and invent. By being creative, ever since I was a child, drawing has been one of the most common things I did. A barrage of photos hung upon my bedroom walls, they represent a fraction of my creative history. It helps convey my ideas, to communicate with others, it is essential. Today, those drawing skills transforms into 3D modeling. A much simpler and intuitive method to do a similar task that a sketch would. The potency to innovate has never been so infinite. 
One of the first things that I was introduced in life is swimming. Since I was two years old, my parents wanted me to learn it because of my health in which I have asthma and because it is enjoyable, relaxing. The first swimming pool that I used to train was in a place called Hom Pim Pa. It was this sport that has gained my confidence and physical strength. Without it, I will be too weak and my muscles would not be as capable. I participated multiple international and national competitions that helped me enter the swimming community. This sport will always be a part of me.

Outside of the sports world, photography is a factor that I deeply emphasize. One of the curses that photography gave to everyone is to stop and smell the flowers. It allows them to witness every stunning moments that we all admire. I use photography to balance art, science and sport. Without it, I would be missing a sense of art in most of the things I do. In my perspective, photography teaches people to understand the world better. A part my brain suddenly forces me to look at the sky while before, such things are taken for granted. 

These are all of the things that I love to do outside of my academic life. While we are talking about academic life, it reminds me of school and the subjects that were there. The very first school that I studied at was Sekolah Trinitas, a Catholic school. I remembered I had a very rough history studying there as the teachers do not really support students in learning mentally, at least that is how I feel. Most of the time, they use physical force to teach students, thinking that they would save more time by doing so. Then, I moved to Sekolah Dian Harapan. It was also a rough experience but it was a moment worth remembering. In there, my attitude was at its worst, I could not control myself. It was there that I learned many things about friendship and also love, perhaps I was too naive back then. 

As time goes by, my parents decided that I would move school to Sekolah Pelita Harapan. It is the sister school of Dian Harapan. There, I enjoyed most of my recent times with my friends. I remembered struggling with my math score because I played too much video games. Junior school was a time in life in which I wasted too many things. There are many things that I would regret not doing in the past but it would not do any good. Graduating sixth grade and onto the seventh grade, I started to feel life as a senior. I got to know more people and I enjoyed most of my life during 7th until 9th grade. Those time were the best in my life and I really enjoyed it. Moving on into 10th grade, I struggled as things were beginning to be different. All of these times, I have been living a life in a comfort zone and that I was not able to go out of it. I finally became sober from that “comfort zone” fiasco where I actually lost some of my social skills. It was terrible. 
All of these moments are unforgettable neither it was for good or bad. I appreciate those times that I had and I am looking forward to seeing new things in the near future.  The journey has just begun for me and yet it has been pretty fun and rough and the same time. But that is life. I will be continuing to edit this page as I go on with my life. 


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