Grade Ruler

Simple. Elegant. Useful.

It is the result of simplifying the measuring tape. By reducing the overall size with a diameter of 4 centimeters, it will fit into any pencil case or pocket.  With a 30 cm rule, it can measure semi-large objects. With simplicity and dedication to its functionality, the Grade Ruler is beyond simple.

Mission to Simplify

The challenge that I faced was to solve a common problem with the standard 30 cm ruler, it cannot be fitted into a pencil-case. A normal solution would be to fold the ruler in half, making it about 16-17 cm long. However, it would still not fit into some pencil cases. Therefore, to allow a 30 cm rule to be simplified, a similar mechanism used in measuring tapes was integrated and simplified.  By doing so, it allows the meter rule to be compact and it would reduce the production cost. It does not only fit into any pencil-case, it also slips into our pocket nicely since there are no sharp edges. Basically, what I am reinventing is a simplified measuring tape that would be great for students and young children to use for school. 

Enhancing School Environment

Simplifying in my opinion also means lowering the cost. A simple tool such as Grade Ruler would have significant impact onto  students academic life. It will allow pupils, regardless of their class, to own one. Also, rather than losing it because it cannot be kept inside a pencil case, Grade Ruler fits right into anything. Beyond that, since it was designed specifically for students, a fun factor in its shape and overall look makes it fun to have and see.

Just a Push

One of the major redesign challenge that I faced was to make it even simpler than the original measuring tape. In order to make functionality so simple, the Grade Ruler implements a mechanism that only requires a push of a button lock and unlock itself. Simply pull the flexible ruler and drag it to the desired length. Then lock it in just a push. Unlock it in just another push, nothing could go wrong.

“Fun, Simple and Beautiful, that is the Grade Ruler.”

Interactive 3D Model 

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