Leaving My Comfort Zone 

One of the toughest things in life is to push ourselves away from our comfort zone. Whether I am ready or not, time is not on my side. As I am about to leave the shores of Indonesia for quite a while, I’ll be expecting to feel home sick or at least something less painful. To me, it is a part of life to let go. I feel like it is time to explore and open my eyes to see reality, that the small world that I live in today is just a fraction of Earth. And to know that educated people have their specific potency to contribute to society, I would love to know my own.

Missing Them, My Unrelated Family

Cats, I have been living with them for three-fourth of my life. They erase loneliness around my house and in my neighborhood. To see cats grow with me by my side makes me take them as my relative. They are always there regardless of their attitude. I respect them as they chose to stay and live with me by my side.

Ping-Ping the King of all cats

He was raised by us, not his mother. By giving him human milk, we just hoped that he would stay healthy and he would grow. His mother was taken by security guards because the trash bins were rolled over by cats. So, since day one he lives with human beings and  he is very connected. He is also one of the biggest cats around my neighborhood, we fed him well.

My Friends and My Former School

They have been with me since I was in 2nd Grade whether it is for the good or for the bad. Since I am in a situation where I will leave people and things that means something to me, I do not take it for granted. I see the bad as a bitter moment that can be remembered nicely as I appreciate those moments. As time goes by and as I will soon leave the shores of Indonesia, it will be hard to forget. The only way I can think of now is the day that I will come back to Indonesia as a more significant person. But this is how life works, it is all about letting things go. We will see each other around soon, whenever that may be.

My 14th Birthday celebrated at Starbucks.

Thank You Teachers!

Teachers of Sekolah Pelita Harapan International Lippo Cikarang, thank you very much for guiding me through my academic adventure. It has been a privilege and an honor for you to teach me. Some of you had even witnessed me grow since 2nd grade. You are significant to my life and to my future. I hope I wish you all the best and I guarantee that I will meet most of you again in the near future.
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