Incline Desk, It Stops Your Neck from Hurting

Versatile. Lovely.

 It was a four hour test that strikes me, we need tables that can adjust the angle of the desk. During lengthy tests, students who dared to look down at their paper continuously will start to hurt their neck. It takes away their focus and sometimes forces them to look forward or upwards, making them look suspicious to peeking. This was the moment when I realized a simple redesign would be necessary for student table to provide maximum comfort. It’s called the Incline Desk.
 It is a student table designed to incline at a desired angle to improve ergonomics when taking notes or tests. It prevents pupils from hurting their neck when looking down at their desks at a steep angle. With two simple pulls at the “Angle Lock” and an effortless lift on the desk, Incline Desk allows consumers to adjust over five different positions. With the angle adjusted, it allows our neck to be in a more comfortable position. 
The Incline Desk is built with  reliable and cost efficient material. By using translucent materials to build the desk, students will be able to focus more on reading along with writing, as there are less intrusion, it seems like the books are floating. By building the legs using plastic, it will help reduce cost and weight, making it flexible to be carried and mobilized. Most of the parts are composite materials. 
While avoiding the increase of cost and weight of the desk, the structure of the table is still inspected carefully to assure the rigidity resembles an aluminum built legs. The thickness of each leg reaches up to three centimeters. Such degree of built quality is durable.
Beyond that, Incline Desk features extendable legs on each side. With a simple lock, users can pull it and begin adjusting the height of the desk. It is useful especially when the floor is not leveled evenly causing the table to tilt sideways. 
Incline Desk refines studying experience by enhancing ergonomics, the level of comfort. Counter-measuring the common troubles found on standard student tables, Incline Desk innovates with extendable legs, angle adjustable and a translucent desk.
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