iPhone 5c by my side in Borneo. 

The phone went through an incredible journey to places still unrecognized by the world. From the main city, to the equator and to the Blue-colored Lake, the iPhone 5c stood firm capturing unforgettable moments.  

All of the following photos were taken using the iPhone 5c.

Shot with 5CTaken from a Boeing 737 heading for Pontianak, I took this stunning photo of this view from my window.

Danau Biru, The Hidden Paradise

Located in Singkawang, Kalimantan, Danau Biru’s accidental beauty was made by the chemicals left when gold miners abandoned the area. Coming into the area was a difficult journey because it was located beside a wasteland, it confuses people. Beyond that, there were more of these lakes located 50-200 meters away from each other. The view is simply astonishing.
Using my iPhone 5c, I captured multiple shots of the blue water and the barren and desert like surrounding of this lake. It is like an oasis and while its still man-made, it could not be as beautiful as it is today. The 5c was not equipped with any special lens, it was simply using the built-in camera app and iPhoto to edit.

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The Summit of Sinka Island Park

The visit onto Sinka Island Park was bizarre. It was one of the best, if not the best amusement parks around the area or region. It has a high class hotel and a zoo that is not well treated, there were wild snakes around it and some of the meat eating tigers become vegetarian perhaps because they were not fed well. However, the place does feature an amazing summit that was designed for stargazing. We were not there to stargaze but we did see the amazing view of the horizon and the cityscape. For a very empty, underpopulated place we were impressed.   

Tugu Katulistiwa, Monument of the Equator

It marks the exact position where the equator crosses through Singkawang City. A still uncommonly place for tourists to visit, this monument is famous for allowing people to not see shadows during a certain period of time, at 12:00 PM. While having a very historic meaning, the monument is quite old since it was built in 1928.  A unique place indeed as not very many people visit it daily and the boiling heat from the sun hurts your eyes. 
The monument of the equator stands beside a road that local travelers use. It may not represent much about the culture and tradition of the people of Kalimantan, however, it does show the people do recognize their geographical location well. The area is still developing and only a handful of foreign tourists do come and visit the area. When we went there, a German came by. We could tell the society there still thinks highly of Westerners as the locals were eager to take photos with him. Speaking english is also favorable and people there would love to be able to learn it.

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